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Fall Waterfowl Hunting 2015 Season

The migration will continue however it has been a tough season with the warm temperatures.  Special thanks to all of those that put in the days of hunting and making the shots count.

Snow Goose Permit

Purchase a Permit

Squaw Creek Hunt Club - 855-473-2875 - Scott Croner

Permit Requirement for Light-Goose Conservation Order

During the Conservation Order, Feb. 1–April 30, residents and nonresidents age 16 and older only need a Conservation Order Permit to chase, pursue and take snow, blue and Ross’s geese. This permit costs $5 for residents and $47 for nonresidents. Hunters with either a Resident Lifetime Conservation Partner Permit or a Resident Lifetime Small Game Hunting Permit do not need to purchase a Conservation Order Permit to hunt light geese during the Conservation Order.

Hunters 15 years old and younger do not need a Conservation Order Permit, but must possess a valid hunter-education certificate card or hunt in the immediate presence of a properly licensed adult 18 years old or older who is hunter-education certified or was born before January 1, 1967.

Note: A Missouri small game hunting permit, Missouri Migratory Bird Hunting Permit and Federal Duck Stamp are not required during the Conservation Order.


Self -Guided Spring Snow Goose Hunts In Mound City, Missouri

Spring Snow Goose Conservation. Season Hunts 
We have over 20 years of experience during the spring conservation season in Northwest Missouri
Booking Dates February 20 – March 20
Location: Mound City, MO near Squaw Creek Refuge
All Hunts Are Semi – Guided
$250 per hunter / per day 
$1200 per day / daily blind leases for (up to 6 hunters)
When booking a Friday, Saturday, Sunday hunt you must book at least two days. (Friday, Saturday, Sunday / Friday, Saturday or Saturday, Sunday)
All equipment is included at each location: decoys, ecallers, flyers, rotaries and blinds
Come and hunt some of the closest and most productive blinds next to Squaw Creek Refuge.
We will have at least five locations available for the spring  conservation season.
These blinds include the following:
  • “Tapered 80” an 18ft pit blind known for being comfortable and fun to hunt and where the club and guide service started 8 yrs ago.
  • “Spoonville” has a 20 ft pit blind
  • “The Pond” has a 24 ft A frame and typically produces some great shooting action.
  • “Behind the House” offers a 16ft A frame just a short walk from the house.
  • The “Hammer 80” has 16 ft A frame very well hidden in the field a has proven itself year after year.


  • Rental house that sleeps up to 6 hunters / $225 per night with a two-night minimum
  • Super 8 offers all of our clients a discounted rate and a military discount 
Deposit Info:
50% deposit required for booking balance due in cash upon arrival
For bookings contact either of us
Joe Haake – Ops Manager
Scott Croner – Owner

Squaw Creek Hunt Club / Waterfowl Lease – Memberships Available

I have been an avid waterfowl hunter for nearly 40 years, and have witnessed many “mondo flocks” of ducks and geese spiraling into the spread; unfortunately, it has always been on tv.  That changed when I started hunting with Scott Croner and the Squaw Creek Hunting Club! Now, I have witnessed first hand hundreds and hundreds of mallards fighting to make their way into my spread, into my gun range. The way I see it, you can watch phenomenal hunting on tv, or you can call Scott and line up a hunt. Be prepared for a bucket list type experience.

Rev. Clint K. Poppe

Lincoln, Nebraska

To Join or schedule a Visit Please Call 855-473-2875 or visit

Individual Membership

Cooperate Membership

Blinds for Lease

The Squaw Creek Hunt Club headquarters is located less than one mile west of the Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge near Mound City, Missouri and offers the following amenities to club members and their guests.
  Memberships Includes Unlimited Use and Access to the Following:

  Unlimited Fall Waterfowl Hunting

Locations Include:

  • pit blinds in Missouri River bottoms located less than 1 mile from Southwest corner of Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge

– blinds provided maybe – boat blinds, A frame blinds, pit blinds

– dry field hunting (ducks, Canada geese, snow geese)

– all equipment provided – duck decoys, full body Canada decoys (Avery & Bigfoot), snow goose decoys

– fully guided fall waterfowl hunts

 Lodging & Food 

Lodging – lodging available on request

Food – excellent local restaurants and you are welcome to cook at any of the rentals and out club house.

Fully Guided Duck Hunts – Ducks, Canada Geese, Snow Geese – $175

  • field hunting (duck, Canada geese, snow geese)
  • fully guided duck hunts
  • heated pit blinds
  • pond hunt
  • all equipment provided
  • $175  per hunter / per day

Unlimited Spring Snow Goose Hunts – Mound City, Missouri

These spring snow goose hunts are typically exciting and have good shooting action.

$175 Per Hunter / Per Day  – NO membership required

  • all equipment provided
  • fully guided

Locations may include cornfields, pit blind style hunt, flooded field or pond. Decoy Spreads Available

  • 1000 full body decoys, 500 sillosocks, over 30 flyers -hilltop cornfield
  • 700 sillo socks,  up to 200 floaters, over 30 flyers – pond / cornfield / bean field
  • 1500 Sillosocks, up 50 flyers – to go spread (go where the snow goose are at)
  • 750 shells decoys (Avery 5/8s, full size, and motion shells) 300 – 500 sillo socks
  • over 15 location that we can hunt in the Mound City / Squaw Creek NWR area

Based on Availability – – We can provide you with a field to hunt in a prime location around the Mound City and Squaw Creek NWR area. We have several locations of prime snow goose hunting ground we lease that the members may use. Exclusive Fields Available – Additional Charge

Lodging & Food Available

Lodging – Completely furnished rentals are available along with VRBOs and some Air B & BS

Food – local restaurants have excellent food and you are also welcome to cook and the rentals

Memberships – Available Now!

To Join or schedule a Visit Please Call 855-473-2875 or visit

Individual Membership – $5000

Cooperate Membership

Includes the Unlimited Use and Access to the Following:

Fall Waterfowl Hunting

  • flooded corn fields
  • field hunting (duck, Canada geese, snow geese)
  • all equipment provided
  • self guided

Locations Included

  • pit blinds, duck blinds in Missouri River bottoms located less than 1 mile from Southwest corner of Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge

Lodging & Food

Lodging– Completely furnished five bedroom farm house that will sleep 8, with spacious ( kitchen, dining room. living room)

Food – Breakfast, Dinner, Supper (can be provided)